Secondary Services


Our rapid prototype department has the capability to produce prototypes in a timely manner to help you enter production. Ability Metal utilizes CNC and conventional milling & turning machines and grinders.


Through a combination of our rapid prototype and assembly departments, Ability Metal has the capability to provide custom tooling.


Ability Metal has over 15 years of assembly experience. By allowing Ability to create sub-assemblies using the parts we manufacture, you can shorten lead time in your final assembly process.

Kit-It (Compiled Parts Kits)

Kit-It is a value-added service offered by Ability Metal. Under the Kit-It banner, we organize components into a single bill of material with a unique part number. These listed products are then packaged together in the appropriate form in boxes, bags or crates, inspected, labeled and shipped with a copy of the BOM (Bill of Material).

Customers’ purchasing is simplified, inventory is simplified and the package can go directly to the production line or point of use. This service is also useful to create assembly installation packages for use in the field.

To learn more about our parts kits, contact us directly.